Jewelry packaging design trends that have always been popular
957 2022-10-14

As a packaging box manufacturer we are inspired all the time in our lives. But there are still many packaging designers who forget who they are designing for in the process. So what hot packaging design trends are sure to appeal to today‘s discerning consumer? Here, let‘s take a closer look at some of the most popular packaging design trends of all time.

1. Children‘s fun design trend

Faith Connexion silver stud jewelry box

The design trend of Tong Qu is generally only applied in children‘s ornaments. Different from adult jewelry boxes, the brand can customize jewelry boxes for children of different genders through different colors and cartoon illustrations. Pink for girls, blue for boys; Illustrations such as Barbie dolls and bows represent girls, while illustrations such as cars and dinosaurs represent boys and so on. But this trend can‘t be applied to jewelry boxes for adults, whose jewelry is too light to handle and devalues the look of the product.

2. Minimalist design trend

Box for luxury accessories

The minimalist design trend is probably one of the oldest and still very popular today. And this packaging design trend applies to all industries and all target groups. The biggest feature of minimalist packaging design is that the packaging surface is very simple and clean, and the product information displayed in the jewelry packaging box can also be particularly prominent. Therefore, the minimalist jewelry box design trend is also deeply loved by brands and consumers.

3. Retro design trends

Box within box jewelry box

Retro design trends we generally divided into two categories, one is Chinese classical design, the other is European classical design. Chinese classical design will generally choose the most original wooden gift box, and then carve some auspicious lines, ancient gods and beasts, flowers and other patterns in the packaging box. Chinese classical design is generally used in gold jewelry, silver jewelry, jade jewelry and other jewelry. European classical design is more luxurious, atmospheric. Some European patterns will also be printed in the box. European style design is generally given priority to with elegant and solemn white or brown color. Both Chinese retro design and European packaging design are very popular in the jewelry box design trend.

Jewelry box design trends are always changing. As for some classic design trends, they are very popular almost all the time and continue to this day. Choosing which classic and ever-popular trends to use when customizing your box will make your jewelry box timeless.