Our Team
The lionwrapack team are passionate about packaging. 
To produce award winning packaging, we require experts to get the details right. From finance, logistics, print management, structural designs to sustainability, our team have a wealth of experience in producing packaging for brands. 
See our team as your packaging team, dedicated to providing your brand with the highest quality packaging for the lowest possible cost. 

Our teOu
Our teams work closely with your brand to o
Since 2009, Lionwrapack (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and exporting packaging for brands in more than 83 countries.

Our factory specialises in producing complex structures using multiple materials such as paper, fabric and wood to create sustainable packaging products for brands.

The factory focuses on training skilled tradies who use the latest technology and printing techniques to obtain high quality products at a reasonable cost.

Our machines include:

Offset printing

Screen printing

UV printing

Foil printing

Embossed and dented


Die cutting and laser cutting

Fully automatic box production

Semi-automatic box production

External suppliers supply our factory

Dyed paper

Custom texture

Pulp insert

Flexographic printing

Our two production sites cover a total area of 130,000 square meters and employ 150 workers skilled in the production of gift boxes, paper bags and folding cartons.ptimise the packaging for your brand.
r teams work closely with your brand to optimise the packaging for your brand.
ams work closely with your brand to optimise the packaging for your brand.