Jewelry Box Factory: How to choose a jewelry box better?
533 2023-02-15

When most people choose jewelry boxes, they mainly consider some exquisite jewelry boxes that are suitable for their bedroom decoration, but they know little about jewelry box materials, jewelry box space distribution, etc. If you choose a jewelry box based solely on looks, it could mean your valuables get very messy or even damaged. But we can‘t ignore the design of the appearance. We are a jewelry box factory and have produced jewelry boxes of various styles and sizes. In this article, we will share some experiences in choosing jewelry boxes with you.



1. Well-treated wood can prevent moisture accumulation, which can better protect your jewelry and prevent them from being oxidized by moisture. In addition, wood can make your jewelry box more colorful; glass jewelry box can be effectively anti-corrosion, and modern fashion The combination of elements gives a strong sense of fashion; the paper jewelry box is simple, easy to design, and make, and low in cost.

2. How many necklaces, rings, bracelets, bracelets, earrings, etc. do you have and how will they be stored? When choosing a jewelry box, you must consider the storage space. Only enough storage space can better accommodate your jewelry.

3. The lining should be made of soft and non-pilling cloth, such as velvet lining, which can not only protect your jewelry from being scratched but also prevent the dust in the air from corroding and wearing the jewelry surface.

4. If you are worried about the safety of jewelry, you can choose a small packaging box, which is convenient for you to store in a safe in the future. Or you can opt for a jewelry box with a lock.

5. Make sure the jewelry box you choose matches your home design and decor. For example, if you like a very Victorian design, you can choose an ornate or scroll-decorated box. If you prefer a classic design, you can choose a wooden embossed jewelry box.



External framing of jewelry boxes: starting from the two needs of vision and touch

1. Linen: linen is a kind of fabric made of various hemp plants such as jute and flax. Its advantages are heat absorption, environmental protection, and antibacterial. It is a good choice for imitating retro. The disadvantage is that the appearance is rough.

2. Velvet: Velvet is generally a fluffy cotton fabric after brushing. Jewelry boxes usually use velvet, flocking, suede, etc. It has the advantage of a strong three-dimensional effect and soft and comfortable touch;

3. Paper: Paper is mainly made of plant fibers. Jewelry boxes usually use art paper, pearlescent paper, virgin paper, coated paper, etc.;

4. Artificial leather: Artificial leather is made of synthetic resin and various plastics. The feel and appearance are very similar to leather. PU and PVC are two commonly used jewelry boxes. The advantages are soft and wear-resistant;

5. Leather: Leather is made of animal skin. The advantage is that it feels comfortable, but the disadvantage is that there are few raw materials and the price is expensive.


Through the design of the internal material and structure, plus the decoration of the outer packaging, such a jewelry box will bring great surprises to people. As a jewelry box factory with more than 10 years of experience, when producing jewelry boxes, we will also consider the user‘s experience in many aspects, and will also design and customize according to the needs of various jewelry brands. No matter what your needs are, we will do our best to satisfy you.