How does the necklace stay in the necklace box without knots?
566 2022-12-23

Necklace is one of women‘s favorite jewelry, especially in some grand occasions, as a lady, wearing a beautiful exquisite necklace is essential. In the process of using a necklace, women may encounter the problem of how to fit the necklace in the case without tying it. As a necklace box factory with more than ten years of industry experience, we have thought of some ways to solve this problem.

1. How do you put a necklace in a necklace box?

Put the necklace in the card slot when you buy it. If the slot is broken, the simplest and most effective way to fix it is to use a rubber band. This means to secure the rubber band in the box first, and then attach the necklace to each rubber band in the shape of three openings. This will prevent the necklace from running around and causing tangles, so it will be easier to store.

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2. How did the necklace stay in the box?

(1) The simplest and most effective way is to use a rubber band to assist fixation, that is, to fix the rubber band in the box first, and then fix the necklace on the position of each rubber band according to the shape of three openings, which can prevent the necklace from winding and make it easier to store.

(2) Find a box and hard cardboard, use scissors to cut the cardboard to match the size of the necklace box, then put rubber bands on both ends of the cardboard, and then put the finished bottom plate into the necklace box, you can put the necklace into the necklace box and fixed.

(3) Place the box vertically, then drive two nails into the top of the box, and scrape the necklace on the line, which can also prevent the necklace from entangling, and can play a display effect.

(4) You can also use the common straw in life to help. The idea is to cut the straw to the same length as the necklace, then put the necklace inside the straw, and secure the ends of the straw so that there is no knot.