The original jewelry box also has so many materials! Really is a long experience!
784 2022-10-13
Beautiful jewelry is a favorite of women, but when you take out these jewelry, do you pay attention to their outerwear jewelry box? If you think about it, every jewelry box we see on a daily basis seems to be pretty much the same. In fact, there are many articles in this jewelry box. It is divided into several kinds of jewelry box materials.

.1. Paper jewelry box

At PRESENT THE carton ON the market IS DONE WITH board card paper commonly, the outside is wrapped with a layer of filling paper, filling paper is generally foreign imported better. This kind of box is relatively cheap, the general silver jewelry store used more. It is also the most jewelry box style we have seen in our daily life. It is simple and generous and does not cost much money. Merchants are also very willing to choose this kind of jewelry box.

2. Flocking jewelry box

Flocking boxes are plastic as the main structure, flocking on the surface, looks more beautiful, but also relatively light. Flocking boxes are more expensive than paper boxes. Generally, it is also used for silver jewelry and gold. Merchants like Chow Sang Sang will choose this kind of jewelry box, which is suitable for gold and silver jewelry with texture.

3. Gelatinous jewelry box

This kind of jewelry box generally adopts injection molding processing, open mold mass production, is generally tens of thousands of demand, mostly flocking, there are also pasting processing, this material of the jewelry box price is the lowest, the grade is not very low, is currently the first choice of most jewelers.

4. Wooden jewelry box

Solid wood jewelry box is a relatively high-end jewelry packaging, generally with solid wood as the main material, spray paint treatment, many enterprises with this kind of solid wood jewelry box exported to foreign countries. The batch is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive. This kind of jewelry box is generally used more by small businesses, because of the high cost, the price of jewelry is generally not too low!

5. Glass jewelry box

Made of Plexiglass, not easily broken, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion, glass jewelry box and fashion elements are combined to give a strong sense of The Times, as well as a modern atmosphere. Such boxes are usually wrapped in high-grade jewelry.

It seems that of all the jewelry boxes made of so many materials, which one do you like best? Or do you have any better choice to share with you ~