The origins of jewelry boxes
570 2022-10-13

Many people usually think of jewelry, they first think of how to better use jewelry to decorate themselves, but few people will think of those various and very charming jewelry box, the following to popularize some history of jewelry box knowledge.

Jewelry has been worn by humans since the Stone Age, and jewelry boxes have been around since ancient times. The history of the jewel box goes back centuries. jewel caskets were originally called "jewel caskets". Through the ages, jewelry boxes have been designed and made by skilled craftsmen. Early jewelry boxes were made of metal and decorated with gold, silver, copper and ivory. Even without jewelry, they are very valuable works of art in their own right.

Jewelry box

The Industrial Revolution gave rise to the concept of mass production. It enabled the middle class of society to buy ornaments like jewelry boxes and other necessities. Because the jewelry box can be mass-produced, and the cost involved in mass production is low. These jewelry boxes are becoming cheaper for the growing middle class, which is developing a taste for luxury goods.

From 1904 to 1918, jewelry boxes began to be mass-produced. In this era, gold and silver jewelry boxes were very common. Silver-plated jewelry boxes are considered antique jewelry boxes and are very rare. Other types of antique jewelry boxes include ceramic commemorative boxes with memorials; And jewelry boxes made of ivory. Although they were designed later, they are very rare in the market. Their finishes are very durable. Therefore, these antique jewelry boxes can still be passed down.

Original trapezoidal vintage jewelry box

In the early years of the 20th century, American women aspired to the fashions of the world‘s great cities and were able to do so in the popular mail-order catalogs of the time. Boxes became a popular "fashion" item in the mail-order industry, and of course jewelry stores sold jewelry boxes.

These days, a jewelry box is more than just a place to store jewelry. Jewelry boxes are known as a magnificent ornament that women can use to decorate their lives with their jewelry.